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TTR Top Ten: January 2024

What were the ten most downloaded TTR shows in January 2024? Read on to find out what made our TTR Top Ten! Listen back to all ten shows without leaving the page - just press play and keep scrolling!


10) Neurodivergent Educators: The Late Late Show with Rae

Seven heads with different sized puzzle pieces inside them.

Schools can be crowded and chaotic, and teaching can be an exhaustingly social job. Host Rae and guest Amy discuss performativity and masking at work, and how schools can build truly inclusive environments for both students and staff. 


9) Rest and recuperation - the key to effective leadership: The Twilight Show with Maxine Howells

A teacher slumped with her head on the desk

Leaders are more effective when they stop thinking about work after hours. This is also true for teachers. Maxine discusses research, considering what gets in the way of achieving this, how teachers and leaders can best switch of and asking why some teachers and school leaders might be reluctant to speak openly about this.


8) Developing teacher researchers: The Late Late Show with Kathryn Taylor

An adult browsing a computer

Kathryn is joined by Katrina Blunt, Research Lead in her school, to discuss their shared passion for developing teachers as research-engaged practitioners, supporting them with the skills and organisational/collegial structures that enable them to thrive as life-long learners.


7) "All Hands Up": The Sunday Social with Omer Pazar

Thirteen hands raised in the air

Omer is joined by Pritesh Raichura to talk about strategies to maximise attention, engagement and participation ratio in the classroom, plus how to build the whole-school culture required to maximise the effectiveness of strategies like 'All Hands Up'.


6) Sam Crome and the Power of Teams: The Late Show with Kathryn Taylor and John Catt

Sam Crome, the author of The Power of Teams published by John Catt

Why does effective teamwork matter? It leads to purpose, belonging, trust, learning, and, ultimately, high performance. In an education world where time and resources are scarce, and yet the demand for performance is sky high, how can schools embrace teamwork as a force for school improvement?  Sam Crome talks to Kathryn Taylor about his book 'The Power of Teams'.

Read more about the show and our five key takeaways about teams here.


5) First Term in Headship: The Twilight Show with Hannah Wilson

A parking sign that says "reserved for headteacher"

Hannah is joined by Jessica Lobbett who was appointed to her first Headship in September, leading a large comprehensive secondary school. They discuss how to prepare for the role and tips for managing new stakeholders.


4) Katharine Birbalsingh and the Muslim Prayer Ban: TTR Special

Michaela headteacher Katharine Birbalsingh with five students from her school

Tom Rogers is joined by Katharine Birbalsingh, Headteacher of Michaela Community School, to discuss the High Court challenge emanating from the school's ban on Islamic Prayer Rituals. In this must-listen interview, Katharine explains her views on secularism and multiculturalism, OFTSED and the role of government in school intervention, Michaela culture and the story behind this court case.


3) What would you add or take away from a teacher interview day? The Late Show with Tom Rogers

An interview panel with one interviewee and a panel of three interviewers

Tom is joined by Dr Jill Berry, Kenneth Drummond, Naureen Khalid and Stephen Robinson to discuss school interview days - what should we keep and what should be bin? Under examination are interview lessons, interview questions, student panels, tasks and tests, internal candidates and more! We even have time for a little bit of fun with a mock interview - but who will get the job? 


2) Teaching Tips for 2024: The Late Show with Tom Rogers

Two mini-whiteboards with the word "mini-" on one of them and "whiteboards" on the other with a smiley face

Tom is joined by best-selling John Catt author Kate Jones, English teacher Joseph Elms, Sociology teacher Sarah Louise and AHT Jill Robinson to discuss the implementation of some of the most common teaching techniques and strategies in 2024 - including modelling, mini-whiteboards and feedback.


1) ECTs and burnout: the Late Late Show with Paul Hazzard

A teacher outside a classroom sat staring into the distance

Join Paul and Mette Hvalby of the University of Stavanger (UiS) as they talk about Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and the impact of having to take up to 700 decisions a day. They discuss how mentoring can provide a vital source of confidence and strength to NQTs and how in Norway mentoring is formalised in schools.


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