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1. Best thing about teaching? 

Being privy to unintentionally profound or hilarious comments from children on a daily basis. 

2. Best city you've ever visited/lived in? 

I love living in Lisbon right now.

3. A song you listen to when happy/sad? 

I am not one for sad songs. My song choices vary so much but currently listening to Stevie Wonder's 'Higher Ground!' 

4. Biggest education inspiration? 

Probably some of the university lecturers I have had the privilege to be taught by. Notable names include: Andy Bloor (now Programme Lead for iPGCE and Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) at the University of Derby), Professor Phil Jones (now Professor of Children's Rights and Wellbeing at UCL), Dr Mary Chambers (freelance education consultant)

5. Describe your TTR shows:

My CPD wishlist, with plenty of tea and tangents!

6. Favourite TTR guest (on one of your shows)

Lindsey MacDonald (CEO of Magic Breakfast) was utterly fantastic.


7. Favourite TTR episode (of yours) so far and why? 

Teacher Dating because it was absolutely hilarious. 

8. Your teaching philosophy?

Mental health and wellbeing first. Anything else is a bonus. That goes for children AND teachers. 

9. Best bit of advice you ever got?

Never take a child to a place of shame and not show them the way out. In other words, it is ok to tell children off sometimes but make sure they understand it is possible to come back from the mistake and sometimes, you may need to show them the way.  

10. Dream guest on your TTR show?

Ben Zand - documentary maker 

Lucy hosting.jfif

- Lucy Neuburger

Broadcasting from Lisbon
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- My all time favourite show

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