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1. Best thing about teaching? 

The opportunity, where it remains, to be wildly creative about getting the curriculum into the children's brains.

2. Best city you've ever visited/lived in? 

Either New York or Helsinki.

3. A song you listen to when happy/sad? 

Holocene by Bon Iver. Love dance music to run to, and soundtracks to work to (Solaris is fantastic for this, as is Moon)

4. Biggest education inspiration? 

Hard to say... I get inspired a LOT. I love a learning itch, so will always tangent off in a lesson. Can't help it. Makes a lesson richer.

5. Describe your TTR shows in one word


6. Favourite TTR guest (on one of your shows) 

Not had a guest (yet!)

7. Favourite TTR episode (of yours) so far and why? 

The first - I didn't think I could talk to myself for ninety minutes. Turns out I could!

8. Your teaching philosophy?

Learn what to do when you don't know what to do, and embrace the world.

9. Best bit of advice you ever got?

Nobody puts 'good at Excel' on their gravestone.

10. Dream guest on your TTR show?

Rory Sutherland. I should just email him!


- Stephen Lockyer

Broadcasting from the UK
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- My all time favourite show

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