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What is Teachers Talk Radio?


Teachers Talk Radio is an online community radio station for teachers and educators. It's the biggest audio platform for educators in the UK, with an expanding international listenership.

Teachers Talk Radio was founded in January 2021. Our first show was broadcast the next month. Since then, our host team has expanded to 36 volunteer teacher-hosts (April 2024).


The vast majority of our hosts are current classroom-based teachers or school-based leaders, providing intelligent education conversation from the front line. Our hosts broadcast from the UK and beyond - find out more about them here.

What makes Teachers Talk Radio unique?

Unlike your traditional education podcast, Teachers Talk Radio shows are all LIVE. This means that listeners can text or call in to our shows to interact directly with our hosts. We have shows every day on our schedule, so there's always a chance to have your voice heard.


We are proud of the diversity of thought within our Teachers Talk Radio team - no two hosts are alike! Our shows contain a mix of advice, guidance, information, debate, entertainment.


What if I miss a live show?


All our shows are published as podcasts. Use the listen back page to catch up with our hosts on demand. In November 2023 Teachers Talk Radio achieved the milestone of one million downloads - something we certainly couldn't have done without our dedicated listeners.

In short, Teachers Talk Radio is more than just a radio station. We're a vibrant community, comprising not only our hosts and contributors but our listeners and supporters on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

How about Teachers Talk Radio Events?

At Teachers Talk Radio we're delighted to be able to present domain-specific, online and face-to-face professional development events for teachers and leaders. These are completely free for anyone working in a school and you can sign up for our upcoming events here.

How can I get involved?

  • Listen live: download the Podbean app to text or call in to our live shows, or check out our live Spaces on Twitter

  • Listen back: Check out our latest shows on demand

  • Join as a host: if you're a current classroom-based teacher or school-based leader, complete our expression of interest form and we will send you an information pack

  • Join as a guest: if you're a current classroom-based teacher or school-based leader and want to appear on a show to talk about education, get in touch with us via email

  • Advertise with us: For those looking to appear on Teachers Talk Radio with a corporate or business interest. Teachers Talk Radio only exists because of our generous sponsors. Check out your options here

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- TTR Guests beyond the classroom

- TTR Executive Team

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Nathan Gynn

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Hannah Wilson

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Seema Devchand


Lucy Neuburger

- Contributors

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Megan Goodes - Voice Artist 

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Jo Fox - News Reader

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Paul Hazzard - Production

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John Gibbs - News reader

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James Radburn - Production


Shaniqua E-H - Weekly Review


Lianne Lax - Scheduling


Graham Stanley - Production

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Teachers Talk Radio Mission Statement

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