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1. Best thing about teaching? 

Being able to shape some aspect of a child’s mind and there’s no measuring the impact you could have on them. A but like throwing a pebble into the sea, you don’t get to see how deep it goes. 

2. Best city you've ever visited/lived in? 

Venice - I wore my red lipstick every day. 

3. A song you listen to when happy/sad? 

Chaka Khan - Ain’t Nobody. It’s the first song I ever remember hearing and it just takes me straight back to happy childhood memories. 

4. Biggest education inspiration? 

Mr Levison, my history teacher. I aspire to be even a fraction of the teacher he was to me and thousands of other students in a career that spanned over 40 years before his death last year. He supported me as both a student and as a person, well into adulthood. He was my referee for my first six jobs. I still carry all the advice and encouragement he gave me around with me in my heart and mind all the time. And the revision techniques he taught me are my preferred style of teaching children science today. 

5. Describe your TTR shows in one word


6. Favourite TTR guest (on one of your shows)

Mumin Humayun 

7. Favourite TTR episode (of yours) so far and why? 

Mumin Humayun - I met him as an eleven year old on my first day of secondary school. Today, we are in the same profession. I’m always learning something new from him and getting to interview my former teacher who is now a Headteacher was a very nice full circle moment to kick off my TTR shows! His advice never fails me and I want all teachers to have the chance to know and learn from him too! He is iconic. 

8. Your teaching philosophy?

Building genuine relationships as a first priority, showing kindness and compassion to all students AND all staff. 

9. Best bit of advice you ever got?

My mum who raised me on a low income always used to say the only “riches” worth having is a good character. 

10. Dream guest on your TTR show?

Paul Sinha. I am a huge fan. The fact that he is on live television as an exceptionally talented quizzer whilst coping with Parkinson’s Disease deeply inspires me and encourages me to be brave enough to put myself out there. 


- Yasmin Omar

Broadcasting from London
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