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Teachers Talk Radio Events Hub

As part of our mission to support teachers in any way we can, Teachers Talk Radio provides free, regular face-to-face and online events for professional development.  Our domain-specific approach ensures that teachers can choose the events that are most relevant to their development as practitioners.


Want to present? Have an idea for an event? Get in touch here.


Our events for the 2023/2024 academic year are below - why not explore these opportunities to take control of your professional development for free?


Teachmeeticons becomes TTR Events

In 2015, Teachmeeticons began a free face to face teach meet event for History teachers - TMHistoryIcons. Since then, Icons events have run across the UK and incorporated a whole range of subjects, phases and specialisms.


In 2023, Teachmeeticons became Teachers Talk Radio Events.

Upcoming Events

Magical Deserts




Exotic Urbanism




Misty Mountains




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