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TTR Top Ten: December 2023

Updated: Feb 4

What were the ten most downloaded TTR shows in December 2023? Read on and catch up on demand...


10) The data around school suspensions: The Twilight Show with Hannah Wilson

Hannah is joined by Aaron King, who has a background in working with SEND and leading specialist provision, as they discuss the data around school suspensions.

9) How did our schools get to be like this? The Friday Morning Break with John Gibbs

John is joined by Gwyn Bevan, Emeritus Professor of policy analysis and former head of the Department of Management at the London School of Economics. They talk about public policy in the delivery of health, the police and education.

8) Teaching and AI - the present and the future: The Late Show with Tom Rogers

Tom is joined by Mark Wilson, Paul Matthews and more to discuss AI in education - how have teachers used AI in their teaching this year to add value? What impact has it had? Beyond Chat GPT, what other apps or processes do teachers use? What are the pitfalls or dangers? And more!

7) Teaching Welsh in Patagonia: The Twilight Show with Graham Stanley

Graham chats to Claire Vaughan who joins from Patagonia, Argentina, for a conversation about mentoring teachers and teaching Welsh. Claire has been living and teaching Welsh in Patagonia for the last 18 years, thanks to a unique programme that supports the Argentine-Welsh community that began in 1865 when people from Wales first travelled to the region.

6) Why aren't we giving teachers and learners more freedom? The Morning Break with Poppy Gibson

Poppy is joined by Dr Morgan Phillips to contemplate whether our education system is serving our young people well enough when it comes to preparing them for their futures and the future of our planet.

5) Long days and short years - reflecting on thirty years as a teacher: The Late Show with Amanda Kinsley-Smith

Amanda talks to Erica Luke as she shares her wisdom on more than thirty years of teaching - and counting! At a time when many are leaving teaching, Erica talks to Amanda about why she's still enthusiastic about the job after thirty years and shares advice on how to thrive in education — while still having a life.

4) Neurodivergence in education: the Late Late Show with Kathryn Taylor

Kathryn is joined by Jane Green MBE to talk about all things neurodivergence in education.

3) The Ruth Perry Inquest: Education Tonight with Brent Poland and Adam Spence

In this three-hour Education Tonight special, Brent and Adam explore the outcome of the inquest into the death of Ruth Perry in full. They are joined by Edmund Barnett-Ward who attended every day of the inquest with Julia Waters, the sister of Ruth Perry. He shares his thoughts and experiences of the week including his immediate reaction to the inquest outcome and the reaction of OFSTED and Amanda Spielman to it. Other guests include Brian Lightman, former President of ASCL, Paula King, Robert Hewitt, Flora Cooper, Krissy Carter, Jen Knussen, Tracey Boulton and more.

2) 'I work in a toxic school - what should I do?' The Late Show with Tom Rogers

Tom is joined by two brilliant guests; 'Miss B' and 'Mr X' (appearing anonymously) who share their experiences of working in toxic schools and how they moved on thereafter. Both found schools that had better cultures, and thrived. Both offer advice and guidance to colleagues stuck in toxic environments.

1) The Ruth Perry inquest: instant reaction

Tom Rogers takes callers giving immediate reaction to the outcome of the inquest into the death of Ruth Perry. Guest speakers include Dave McPartlin, Ross Morrison McGill, Stephen Tierney, Hannah Wilson, Rupert Higham and more.


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