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TTR Top Ten: June 2024

What were the ten most downloaded Teachers Talk Radio shows in June 2024? Read on to find out what made our TTR Top Ten!

Listen back to all ten shows without leaving the page - just press play and keep scrolling!


10) Teaching in Schools Internationally: The Late Late Show with Nazya and Krupa

Light bulbs

In at 10, Listen here to the insights into what it means and feels like to be an educator teaching abroad. Mai Khan shares her professional reflections on challenges and opportunities that have come her way. She has worked in Panama and the Middle East.


9) Minimal Preparation Teaching: The Twilight Show with Graham Stanley

Wellbeing: we're all in it together - the Late Show with Tom Rogers, Hannah Wilson, Steve Waters and Suneta Bagri

Emily Bryson was Grahams guest, speaking to him live from Argentina about her travels through South America, how she got involved with sketch-noting and graphic facilitation, and ideas for teaching that require minimal preparation.


8) Is there an identity crisis in teaching?: The twilight show with Claire Cannon

Six ways to divide British accents

Does "being a teacher" define who we are? Do we have a separate personal and professional identity or are they inextricably linked? Jack Clifford and Emma Cooper share two very different stories about how holding a teaching role has influenced (or not) their identity as people. Balance, authenticity (along with plenty of analogies) are key themes that they discuss.


7) Drugs, vapes and risk taking behaviours: The Sunday Social with Anna Hudson

T-Levels: the next level qualification

Anna has a topical discussion about some of the current challenges facing schools around drug taking and vaping. 


6) Teaching English pronunciation: The Twilight Show with Graham Stanley

A mind-map for neurodiversity

Graham's guest was pronunciation specialist, teacher, and teacher trainer, Gemma Archer. They talked about teaching pronunciation in English language teaching, including discussion about how to approach regional and foreign accents, and the Lingua Franca Core.


5) Middle management matters: The Twilight Show with Sarah Kate Towlson

A blackboard that says 'project based learning'

'Middle Management Matters' explores the pivotal role of middle leaders in education today. Hosted by passionate linguist and experienced middle leader, Sarah Kate Towlson, this podcast features insightful discussions with senior and middle leading experts: Magnus Cowie, Gillian Cowie, and Ed Selvey. Tune in to uncover strategies, challenges and celebrate successes in educational leadership.


4) The Power of Codified Teaching: The Late Show with James Radburn

Presenting Children to Maths by David Shattock

In this episode of "The Late Show with James Radburn," we explore the power of codified teaching with our special guest, Bruce Robertson, an experienced headteacher from Scotland renowned for his innovative approaches and dedication to improving teaching and learning.

Join us as we delve into why we need to codify learning, how this helps educators engage with educational research, and the balance between avoiding a tick-box mentality and fostering meaningful conversations about great teaching. We also discuss the benefits of codified teaching, its impact on student outcomes, and how it is embraced differently by novice and experienced teachers. Looking to the future, we consider what innovations could further enhance teaching and learning.


Now into the Top 3!......

3) Effective Learning and the Science of recall: The Morning Break with John Gibbs

Five examples of fronted adverbials

John's guest is Professor Shana Carpenter from Oregon State University. Shana is an expert in the science of learning, a writer, and a school adviser in the USA. We discuss memory, recall, and the use of pre-questioning.


2) Lead like a champion: The Wednesday Twilight show with Michelle Hinds

An AI generated image of a child and a robot in school

In this episode,  special guest Olly Lewis and Michelle discuss the importance of leaders creating learning organisations through ongoing personal and professional development for themselves and their staff. We explored: The challenges and rewards; the barriers and ways to overcome them. Listen and share your thoughts!


And at Number #1!

1) The School Trip Debate: The Late Show with Lucy Neuburger

Bill Rogers

Lucy Neuburger and Nathan Gynn talk to clinical psychologist Naomi Fisher and teacher Nathan Burns about the Twitter/X storm currently blowing around school trips.

Do you exclude ...?

Do you include ...?

Listen in as passions rage and debate rumbles.


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