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TTR Top Ten: May 2024

What were the ten most downloaded Teachers Talk Radio shows in May 2024? Read on to find out what made our TTR Top Ten!

Listen back to all ten shows without leaving the page - just press play and keep scrolling!


10) Challenging behaviour in FE: The Late Late Show with Toby Doncaster

Light bulbs

Toby Doncaster hits the top 10 this month with a show focussed on behaviour in the further education classroom. Managing 16-19yr olds requires ingenuity, creativity and a dash of magic. Join Toby and Kwaku Dzidzornu as they discuss top tips for the classroom.


9) Grammar - are rules meant to be broken? The Twilight Show with Michelle Hinds

Wellbeing: we're all in it together - the Late Show with Tom Rogers, Hannah Wilson, Steve Waters and Suneta Bagri

Michelle Hinds enters the top 10 again with a show exploring the do's and don'ts of grammar practice. Her guest is Angela Slack and they have a riveting back and forth about when grammar rules 'could' be broken.


8) Arts in Education: The Saturday Lunch with Chris Passey

Six ways to divide British accents

In at 8, join Chris Passey in conversation with Jo Tompkins as they talk about how crucial the arts are in education and its impact on our most vulnerable students. 


7) Leading Change: The Twilight Show with Michelle Hinds

T-Levels: the next level qualification

In her second top 10 entry, Michelle hosts a frank and reflective discussion with Vice Principal Chris Simmons on the impact of leadership on staff motivation and pupil outcomes.


6) The art of timetabling - mission impossible? The Twilight Show with Morgan Whitfield and Tod Brennan

A mind-map for neurodiversity

Morgan and Tod chat with timetabler extraordinaire Rizwana Shaikh on the art of creating a great timetable. Given the demands and constraints of facilities, staffing, resources and curriculum Riz shares her insights and tricks of the trade. Timetabling is the backbone of the school and the timetabler brings the institution to life by balancing many priorities at once.


5) How should students revise? The Late Show with Tom Rogers

A blackboard that says 'project based learning'

Tom is joined by Dan Worker (Deputy head and History teacher), Michael Downes (Head of History), Robert Simpson (English teacher) and Helen Bradford-Keegan (a Foundation Head of Educational Research & Innovation 0-19) to discuss effective revision strategies. What are the best revision strategies? What do you use? What revision routines do you promote with students? Do you have any revision do's and don'ts? What does the science say on revision? All covered in this 90 minute conversation. 


4) What can we learn from our student teachers? The Late Show with Amanda Kinsley Smith

Presenting Children to Maths by David Shattock

In at four, Amanda talks to guests Sara Burns and Jess Hawthorne about their experiences during their teacher training year and the advice they would give those considering going into teaching as well as those who have been teaching for a while or are current school leaders. How can we collaborate and learn from each other most effectively?


3) The nine day fortnight: The Late Show with Tom Rogers

Five examples of fronted adverbials

Into the top 3, Tom is joined by HOD for Science, Joel Kenyon, whose school (Dixons Academies) is due to introduce a 9 day a fortnight working pattern, providing teachers with a full extra day off every 2 week cycle. How will this work? How will this be timetabled? What other innovative strategies is the school introducing to retain staff? Find out in this incredibly interested and revealing conversation that has implications for schools across the UK and the world.


2) Cold Calling: The Late Show with Tom Rogers

An AI generated image of a child and a robot in school

Cold Calling - the TLAC questioning strategy that has got everyone talking this week. Tom explores what cold calling is and why it has stirred such strong reactions from across the education world. What questioning strategies do teachers use in the classroom and where does cold calling fit in? Is it really as problematic as it's critics suggest or are they right in their concerns that it is a whole class strategy suitable for all students? Tom is joined by guest callers including Zainab, Zach, Mar and many more who all share their views. 


1) Making EHCP applications a whole lot easier: The Twilight Show with Claire Cannon

Bill Rogers

Our number 1 show in May... Got lots of EHCP applications to do? Needs assessment requests taking hours (or even days) of your time? 

Join Claire Cannon as she shares some tips to help you reduce your workload around needs assessment requests and also how you can use the law to help you get your LA to agree them. She also busts some of the myths around what you 'should' do before applying and unlawful reasons for refusing to assess.

Share with your SENCO colleagues to help their wellbeing!


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