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Behaviour for Learning

Listen to our top four shows to support behaviour for learning - a days worth of high quality CPD content for your ears

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Class Raising Hands

Classroom Management 101

Hosted by Tom Rogers

Tom is joined by Derrick, Andy, Gillian, Daisy and other teachers to discuss their responses to teacher FAQ on student behaviour. Listen in for 90 minutes of trouble shooting from a wealth of teachers with a depth of classroom experience. 

October 2023

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Boy Sitting on Grass

Supporting students with specific needs

Hosted by Maud

After attending a training with the neuropsychologist Hervé Glasel at the Lycée Charles de Gaulle in London, Maud is sharing her ready to implement tools in order to support children with specific educational needs.

There is a severe increase in the number of children who are diagnosed with SEN and although not all of them have cognitive disorders, all of them require a tailored approach to support their learning.

Through the case study of one student with a at times disruptive behaviour due to diagnosed neurodivergence, Maud offers a detailed description of how educators can approach children and their families in an effort to support them.

January 2023

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Child Therapy
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Tom Bennett on Behaviour

With Tom Rogers

Tom Bennett OBE is the UK government behaviour advisor, he sits down with Tom Rogers to discuss all things behaviour in 2023. SLANT, TLAC, Routines, Mobile Phones, Uniforms, Silent Corridors, Relationships and Behaviour Leadership all under the microscope.

Jan 2023

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Classroom management clinic

With Poppy Gibson

Poppy is joined by Adele Bates to discuss all things classroom management, taking listener questions.

May 2023

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