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The 4th Industrial Revolution and teaching in a double-decker bus

What's it like to teach media on a double decker bus? We spoke to Stuart Sutton from Witherslack Group to find out!

Stuart joined Tom Rogers on the Late Show on Monday 14th of February 2022 to discuss how and why he teachers in a bus, the importance of media in the curriculum for his students and the wider developments coming in education as part of the so-called "4th industrial revolution". Tom asks Stuart about the revolution in the use of VR, AI, 5G and other upcoming technologies and how these might inspire future innovations in teaching, as well as the motivations of students.

Here are some choice quotes from a thoroughly engaging interview....

Listen to the entire show and interview right here...


  • Stuart's background and working at Witherslack

  • What does Stuart's working day look like?

  • How do students respond to working in the media bus?

  • What skills do the students learn?

  • What about the future of education? Where is it going?

Like what you've heard? You can find out more about working with Witherslack yourself as a teacher right here:

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