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1. Best thing about teaching? 
The opportunity to touch people's lives!
2. Best city you've ever visited/lived in? 
3. A song you listen to when happy/sad? 
Happy or sad always unstoppable by Sia!
4. Biggest education inspiration? 
To leave my mark! To change a few lives!
5. Describe your TTR shows in one word?
6. Favourite TTR guest (on one of your shows)
Kyle Whitaker 
7. Favourite TTR episode (of yours) so far and why? What it takes to become a teacher!
8. Your teaching philosophy?
If you're not enjoying teaching, your students can't enjoy learning!
9. Best bit of advice you ever got?
Don't try to change others, just set an example!
10. Dream guest on your TTR show?
Noam Chomsky! We sure have a lot to talk about!


- Hadi Fathi

Broadcasting from Iran

- My all time favourite show

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