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TTR Collections

Have you checked out our Teachers Talk Radio Collections?

Collections are groups of four shows from the TTR archives grouped around a particular domain specialism. We are constantly updating these, with new Collections every week. So why not take control of your personal development for free and take a dive into the Collections of your choice?


What Collections are available?

(List accurate as of Tuesday 9 January 2024)

This month we are working on the following Collections...

  • Well-being and workload

  • Trade unions and professional support

  • Teaching Music

  • Attendance


What about live professional development?

Look no further than Teachers Talk Radio Events: the home of live, domain-specific development. Our events are online and face-to-face; our inaugural event on 2 December 2023, Teachers Talk English, has reached over 8,000 viewers so far on X plus hundreds more on the rest of our socials. The recording is available here.


I can't see the Collection I need. Why not?

If you're looking for a Collection but you can't see it on our website, there's two main reasons why this could be:

  1. The Collection is in the process of being made but is yet to be published. Do email us at with any suggestions of Collections you'd like to see!

  2. We don't yet have enough shows on a particular topic or domain to publish a Collection. You can help us out here by hosting a show (or multiple shows) on a topic of your choice! All TTR hosts receive a full technical induction and a two-show trial - the vast majority of our hosts continue beyond the trial. To express an interests in hosting, please email with your name, social media handle (X, Instagram and/or LinkedIn) and your current teaching position.

In the meantime, enjoy our current Collections and don't forget that you can listen back to any show at!

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