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'Teachmeeticons' becomes 'Teachers Talk Radio Events'

Teachmeeticons becomes Teachers Talk Radio Events, Joining the Teachers Talk Radio Network.

[Manchester, 17.10.23] – Teachmeeticons, the renowned platform dedicated to providing educators with invaluable free resources and fostering professional development, proudly announces its rebranding as "Teachers Talk Radio Events" or "TTR Events" for short. This transformation marks a significant milestone in the organisation's journey, reflecting its commitment to empowering teachers and promoting collaborative learning within the education community. Furthermore, Teachers Talk Radio Events is thrilled to announce its integration into the prestigious TTR (Teachers Talk Radio) network.

The transition to Teachers Talk Radio Events represents a natural evolution for the platform, enhancing its mission to facilitate engaging and informative events for teachers. Despite the change in name, the organisation's core values remain unchanged - Teachers Talk Events will continue to host a wide array of free events tailored for teachers, ensuring access to high-quality resources and fostering an innovative, inclusive and friendly learning environment for classroom teachers.

Key Highlights of Teachers Talk Radio Events:

Free Professional Development: Teachers Talk Radio Events remains steadfast in it's dedication to providing teachers with free, high-quality professional development opportunities. These events will cover a diverse range of subject areas and topics, ensuring teachers receive the best CPD to enhance their teaching in their schools.

Networking Opportunities: Teachers Talk Radio Events will continue to serve as a hub for educators to connect, collaborate, and share ideas. By facilitating networking opportunities, the platform aims to strengthen the sense of community among teachers, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Online and Face-to-Face Events: In response to the evolving needs of educators, Teachers Talk Events will offer both online and face-to-face events. This flexibility ensures that teachers can participate in events tailored to their preferences and schedules, making professional development accessible to all.

Integration into the TTR Network: Teachers Talk Radio Events is proud to announce its affiliation with the TTR network. This collaboration will further amplify the platform's reach, allowing a broader audience of teachers to benefit from its events and resources.


Tom Rogers, Founder of Teachers Talk Radio and Teachers Talk Events, shared, "We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter as Teachers Talk Events. Our commitment to empowering teachers and fostering a sense of community remains stronger than ever. By amalgamating events into our TTR offer, we are confident in our ability to make an even more significant impact on educators worldwide."

About Teachers Talk Radio Events:

Teachers Talk Radio Events, formerly known as Teachmeeticons, is a leading platform dedicated to providing free professional development opportunities and networking resources for teachers. By organising subject specific online and face-to-face events, Teachers Talk Radio Events aims to empower teachers with the knowledge and support needed to excel in their profession.

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