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Getting Girls into STEM!

Wondering how to get girls into STEM in your school/institution?

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of hosting a number of fantastic teachers to discuss how they get girls engaged with STEM in their schools.

The idea for the show came about due to the ongoing difference in the numbers of girls and boys studying STEM subjects in schools and then going onto university, which still stands at 75/25 on average.

During the show, we discussed the following strategies for getting girls into STEM; Providing early exposure, Introducing role models and mentors, using relatable examples, encouraging participation, addressing stereotypes and teaching strategies for making STEM subjects as exciting for students as possible!

We were joined by Mica from Innovateher to discuss the support they can give to teachers of STEM subjects tackling this very challenge. Find out more about the Innovateher e-learning platform here:

LISTEN to this FABULOUS show here:

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