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New Collections on Teachers Talk Radio

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Teachers Talk Radio Collections are groups of four shows from the TTR archives grouped around a particular domain specialism. We have three new Collections published last week to share with you!


Well-being and workload

A set of Scrabble tiles spelling out "Life", "Family", "Balance", "Career" and "Work".

How can teachers improve their well-being and reduce their workload - and how can senior leaders support this? Our well-being and workload Collection is a great place to start, with shows on:

More than cupcakes: How can school well-being strategies go beyond lip service and turn the tide on the recruitment and retention crisis?

The importance of rest: What are the seven types of rest, and how can busy teachers make sure they get enough rest?

Work-life balance: How can teachers prioritise their own mental health without guilt?

Reducing teacher workload: what should the DfE's Workload Reduction Task Force prioritise?



A word map for "attendance"

Why do children struggle to attend school, and how can schools support students to attend school? What are the pressures on schools in terms of accountability over attendance? Find out more with our attendance Collection:

Square Pegs: Who are the ‘square pegs’ - children and their families who don’t fit in to the 'one-size-fits-all' education system and are suffering?

Re-engaging learners: How can schools best support school avoiders to engage once again with education?

100% attendance awards: Is rewarding 100% attendance publicly a useful strategy to promote good attendance?

Belonging: What does it mean to 'belong' at school, and what practical strategies can schools use to create a sense of belonging?


Trade Unions and professional support

Teachers on strike for more pay and funding for schools

Why do teachers need professional support? Is it just for when something goes wrong? And what types of support are on offer? Our Collection on trade unions and professional support demonstrates the variety of options on offer:

Should teachers join unions? What are the pros and cons of union membership?

The NEU Leadership Debate: What should the next NEU General Secretary prioritise for the union's members? With Daniel Kebede and Niamh Sweeney.

NASUWT on strike action and behaviour: How is NASUWT helping teachers to stay in the profession, particularly on issues like behaviour?

Edapt - supporting teachers, protecting careers: How can an Edapt membership help teachers protect themselves and their careers?


Listen back on demand to all our Collections here. Don't forget that you can listen back to any show at!

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