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Teachers Talk Radio currently boasts a regular listenership both in its live shows and podcasts which continues to steadily grow. There has never been a better time to come on board as an advertiser!

We currently have 3000+ followers on Podbean as a podcast, over 200,000 podcast downloads since launch 8 months ago and 6,500 website visitors since launching our website plus over 7000 followers on twitter as well as 1000+ more across other networks including instagram. Most significantly, our listenership per live show also continues to increase, with a current average of 60-160 people tuning into each of our live shows, including some regular loyal listeners! We have had a total of more than 30,000+ live listeners since we started. We are delighted with this listenership. Nevertheless, our advertising offer is very cost effective and offers excellent value for any advertiser. 

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We offer 3 packages: Starter, Pro and VIP. You can start advertising with us for as little as £75.

Advertising with TTRadio

Alternatively, perhaps you prefer a pick and mix....

Advertising with TTRadio

As you can see, the main element of each package is your advert which is played at once in every show. There are two options for the recording of your advert - 1. You send us your own audio advert 2. For an additional one off fee of £200, we will create the advert for you, utilising our professional voice over artist to create you the perfect ad!


The VIP package contains additional benefits. You can have an advert of up to 60 seconds (if you wish for us to record this for you, the cost is £200). We will send out one organic tweet per week for the duration of the advertising contract from the TTR twitter, facebook, linkedin and instagram accounts. We will also RT one tweet of yours each week for the duration of the contract. Further to this, you can request to feature as a guest on a show of your choice each month and be interviewed on a topic of your choice - promoting your product or service. We plan to send out regular newsletters and you will feature in them as an advertiser. If you would prefer to sponsor one particular show rather than all shows, see the "1 show partner" offer.


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