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TTR Wrapped - Top 10 most downloaded podcasts of 2023

As the year comes to a close, we thought it would be nice to look back at the top 10 most downloaded TTR shows of 2023 on Teachers Talk Radio. 300,000 TTR shows have been downloaded in this period and here is a look back at the most downloaded! Thanks to John Catt for supporting these shows and everything we do at TTR!

10th most downloaded

In this show, sponsored by the National Institute for Direct Instruction, Tom Rogers was joined by several well known contributors from the world of cognitivie science to discuss 'Direct Instruction beyond Rosenshine'. One to listen to if you are interested in what DI is and how teachers are implementing it in their classrooms.

9th most downloaded

Daisy Christodoulou and Lizzie hosted a series of three shows on TTR in 2023, this one entitled 'working class autodidacts' streamed into our top 10 shows of 2023.

8th most downloaded

The second entry from Daisy and Lizzie as they discuss the History of English public schools - Independent schools are never far from the news - how much has changed?

7th most downloaded

This two topic show features Tom Rogers joined by Barry Smith, Reem Ibrahim, Mark McCourt and more. Topic 1 - has behaviour declined in the last 5 years in schools? Topic 2 - Should Maths be taught to the age of 18?

6th most downloaded

Instructional coaching has certainly been one of the most searched topics in the education community in 2023. James Radburn explored it in detail with special guest and friend of TTR Zach Groshell here.

5th most downloaded

Entering the top 5, teacher-guests to discuss how they use 'Chat GPT' - the artificial intelligence app that is already transforming the educational landscape. They discuss their hopes, fears and aspirations for using new technologies in their classrooms and schools. Don't miss this essential TTR show!

4th most downloaded

In April, TTR discussed OFSTED reform. Kate Barry is an English teacher in Ireland and discusses her experience of the inspection system there - what lessons can England take? Martin Hanbury has just resigned as an OFSTED inspector and shares his unique insight into the inspection process as well as how he thinks it should be changed. Finally, Jennifer Chung joins the show to share her research findings from Finland - how does Finland do it?

3rd most downloaded

Back in August, the case of Ms Sarah Mead rocked the education community. TTR hosted the definitive podcast on the whole episode.

2nd most downloaded

In at 2 is 'that' interview between Tom Rogers and Phil Beadle in podcast form.

Most downloaded show of 2023!

Tom is joined by three incredible guests to discuss the difference teachers make (or don't make) to exam results. Ever wondered what difference you make or could make as a teacher? This is the show for you. If you are a school leader getting ready for GCSE results day and the conversations thereafter with staff teams, this is also one that is a must listen.

So that's it!

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, thanks for following TTR - whether it be on podcast platforms, on social media or as a newsletter subscriber. We wish you all a happy new year and will see you again in 2024 where we promise more of the same from the TTR team!

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