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The world of the digital portfolio - BULB

A new era is upon us - the use of digital portfolios to record and showcase achievement. Back in the 1990s, it was all about the 'national record of achievement' in the UK, which was a leather bound folder containing all sorts of certificates relating to student or early career learning. Usually at the heart of this was exam certificates, but the more conscientious student managed to pack it with all manner of paper record.

Now, the digital portfolio is taking on the mantle. The US has seen a huge boom in the use of digital portfolios to showcase learning and now this trend is arriving in Europe with many countries adopting the digitisation of achievement. BULB is a free platform that provides a world class interface for students to record everything from their time at school and beyond.

In this special TTR show, Graham Stanley, the host of the Tuesday Morning Break chats with Ciara Duggan who is part of the BULB app team to discuss what the app has to offer to students and teachers alike. You can sign up for a free account for BULB here and start to explore what it could offer to you or your students.

Listen to the show now >>>

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