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The Teacher Recruitment Crisis - Solutions for schools

Teacher recruitment and retention has never been talked about as much as it is now. There is consensus that this is a crisis. In September, it’s clear that some roles in schools might remain unfilled. This will mean increased supply costs and schools paying out vast sums of money re-advertising for positions.

This TTR show looks at the strategies and tactics that schools on the frontline are using to try and save money whilst also being able to maximise the number of applicants for the roles they have on offer.

Some schools and school leaders are bucking the trend, utilising new platforms like MyNewTerm in combination with cute social media strategy to recruit into roles. Sufian Sadiq, guest on this podcast, talks about saving £1 million on advertising costs by utilising this approach. Wayne Cartmel, the founder of MyNewTerm and Kate Fahey, primary school teacher and new ECT join Tom Rogers to share their solutions to school recruitment challenges. Wayne shares the inspiration behind MyNewTerm and its continued success in revolutionising the teacher recruitment market. Kate shares how she used MyNewTerm to create one profile that she could then use to apply for multiple jobs. Remember having to fill in an arduous application form for every new role you applied for? MyNewTerm cracks this issue for the teacher and helps the school speed up and streamline its processes.

Have a listen to the 90 minute show here:

If you’d like to sign up for MyNewTerm and find out more information, please visit

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