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The cultural capital chasm in language learning: the relevance of language learning (MFL series)

In the second of our three shows with Pearson MFL, we discussed the relevance of language learning in the context of the cultural capital chasm in language learning.

Again, the host was Darren Lester and the conversation was both interesting and revealing in equal measure. You can listen to the entire show here:

Darren asks why is there a cultural capital chasm and why does it exist? What are the implications of this on learners now and in the future? How can languages become more accessible and inclusive for learners (regardless of their background, ability or reason for studying) What are the practical steps schools, awarding bodies and others can take to bridge the gap?

Darren is joined by an expert panel that includes:

Fiona Pryce - Pearson MFL product manager

Katy Lewis - Head of qualifications and curriculum for Pearson

Adam Lamb - Subject Lead in a UK State School for MFL

Olga Pelaez Alvarez - Profesora en la Eoi de Tarazona (Zaragoza, Spain)

If you want to find out more about Pearson's new MFL GCSE qualifications, please visit:

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