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Teachers Talk Radio at SAAS

2 weeks ago, we were at the Schools and Academies Show in Birmingham talking to the great and good in the teaching stratosphere to gauge the temperature across the profession at this challenging time.

Our podcast features the best of the interviews we conducted across the day (in this order):

Lord Jim Knight (Labour Peer and former MP in the Tony Blair government)

Christopher Russell (National Director of OFSTED)

Jodie Lopez (EdTech consultant)

Steve Rollett (Deputy Chief Executive of CST)

Dr Anisa Moses and Dr Amy Such (Educational Psychologists)

Jo Brassington (Primary school teacher, author, and co-founder of Pride & Progress)

Melanie Renowden (Chief Executive Officer of the National Institute of Teaching)

Montserrat Mcshane and Emma Byrne (Policy advisors at the Department of Education)

Emma Knights (CEO of the National Governors Association)

Alex French (Hub Director at Xienadin Group)

We asked all our guests about the challenges facing teachers at this time and the solutions to them.

We hope you enjoy the interviews! Listen to the full podcast right here:

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