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Martin Robinson and Ian Wigston on TTR

This last few days, we have been engrossed in two shows from Jeff Pedley and Dr Poppy Gibson respectively.

On Thursday 19th of Jan, Jeff was joined by curriculum guru Martin Robinson to discuss his new book 'Curriculum Revolutions'. The interview included much more than that as Jeff chatted to Martin about curriculum models, knowledge rich curriculums and his own teaching career, including maverick teachers!

Listen to Martin and Jeff here:

On Friday 20th, Dr Poppy Gibson hosted a discussion with serial author and leadership consultant Ian Wigston. They focussed on Ian's new book, the middle book from a 3 book trilogy focussing on women in leadership - The Magic in the Space Between. Find out more about the series of books and Ians thoughts, ideas and advice for women in leadership.

Listen to Poppy and Ian here:

We hope you enjoy these two brilliant shows! Catch all TTR shows on the listen back page.

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