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Languages beyond the classroom: The relevance of language learning (MFL series)

Last week, we had the final part of our 3 part podcast series looking at the relevance of language learning. In the final episode, Darren explored languages beyond the classroom, particularly how students can engage beyond the school curriculum with languages.

Have a listen:

For this show, Darren was joined by another exciting line up of special guests:

  • Fiona Pryce from Pearson

  • Rebecca Waker from Pearson

  • Karine Harrington

  • Esme Salgado

  • Declan Baharini, Director at International Newcastle

  • Two students - Alice and Victoria

We hope you have enjoyed this series of shows!

You can listen to the previous two episodes in the series here:

Find out more about Pearsons new MFL GCSE qualifications here:

We would love to hear from you about the relevance of language learning and if you have any thoughts on this series of shows, just drop us a line at

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