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Gender Violence, Toxic Masculinity, Bond?

Tom Rogers discusses the brand new unit of work being developed by Tooled Up Education - Toxic masculinity and gender based violence through the lens of James Bond. In this special podcast, Tom examines key questions with expert guests including - Why Bond? Why now? How can schools stop the spread of toxic masculinity? How can boys learn what being a man is?

Tom is joined by Ian Kinane who is Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer in Popular Literature and Culture at the University of Roehampton, London. He is the author of Ian Fleming and the Politics of Ambivalence, which explores the broad links between Fleming’s writings on race and the representation of early British-Jamaican cultural relations. Ian is also the General Editor of the International Journal of James Bond Studies, an open-access peer review journal that publishes interdisciplinary scholarship on all aspects of the James Bond franchise, and which can be found at [](

Tom is also joined by Elly Hanson, an independent clinical psychologist - preventing sexual harassment and abuse in schools and helping them to respond effectively to these challenges.

Watch the entire discussion:

Or listen to the podcast:

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