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TTR Top Ten: March 2024

What were the ten most downloaded TTR shows in March 2024? Read on to find out what made our TTR Top Ten!

Listen back to all ten shows without leaving the page - just press play and keep scrolling!


10) Women as Leaders in Education: The Twilight Show with Michelle Hinds

A woman talking to other women around a table

Michelle Hinds is joined by Head of School Youlande Biosah and Assistant Principal Sarah Wilkinson-Crute to discuss the challenges women face on their path to leadership. What are the real barriers?


9) Women as Leaders in Education, part 2: The Twilight Show with Michelle Hinds

Liz Free

Michelle Hinds is joined by Liz Free to discuss the challenges faced by women in education and how they are being overcome every day. At what rate are glass ceilings being smashed?


8) Adaptive Teaching - why should this transform our teaching philosophy? The Sunday Lunch with Chris Wilkinson

A watering can watering plants with the words "adaptive teaching"

Chris Wilkinson addresses the shift in T&L from 'differentiation' to 'adaptive teaching' and how the latter can greatly enhance the progress of all pupils.


7) Effective Learner Feedback: the Late Show with Toby Doncaster

Speech bubbles above the word 'feedback'

Toby is joined by Matthew Ruddle to discuss what makes effective feedback, how it benefits learners and teachers alike and why 'constructive criticism' should be consigned to room 101.


6) Learning WalkThrus with Tom Sherrington: the Late Show with Hannah Wilson

Learning WalkThrus: students & parents, better learning, step by step

Hannah Wilson interviews author, blogger, speaker and WalkThrus creator Tom Sherrington about the latest book his WalkThrus series - Learning WalkThrus. Find out what the key messages and takeaways are from the book in this bumper interview. You can get 20% off the book at by using the code JCTTR2324. 


5) Engaging and Motivating Staff: the Late Late Show with Toby Doncaster

A road sign that says 'motivation'

Toby Doncaster talks to Sabeena Shah and Jolanta Wlodek about engaging and motivating staff, being creative, innovative and pragmatic, managing an incredible workload and practising self-care.


4) Phonics in Secondary Schools; Reducing the Marking Burden: The Late Show with Tom Hopkins Burke

A range of phonics sounds

Tom Hopkins Burke is joined by Adam Levick and Charlie Duckett to talk about phonics in secondary schools. The impact of the pandemic has meant that more students are arriving in Year 7 with gaps in their knowledge of word reading - so what can secondary schools do to help?


Plus, Dave Brown shares his experience of cutting down workload with KS5 marking and feedback in essay-based subjects, sharing strategies and insights from his experience working in a sixth form college with many essays to look at.


3) Flexi Timetables and Mental Health: The Late Show with Hannah Wilson

A child and an adult studying inside a house

Hannah Wilson talks to Steve Bladon, a former headteacher, who has enjoyed a 24 year career in primary education. In 2023, when one of his own children fell unwell with anxiety and temporarily fell out of school, it completely changed the way he viewed school attendance and how we support students re-entering education.


2) Why has there been a decline in student behaviour in schools? The Late Show with Tom Rogers

Shadows of children with paper airplanes, a pen and an apple flying in the air

Tom Rogers is joined by a range of guests to discuss the key reasons for the decline in behaviour in schools. This show was driven by the evidence base around this - including surveys by the DfE, NASUWT, Teacher Tapp and more that cite increased levels of poor behaviour in schools.

Amongst the reasons discussed are: social media, mobile phones, parenting, a lack of support from parents, increased entitlement, lack of SEND support, curriculum, the mental health crisis, an increase in trauma, super strict schools, Covid-19, a lack of special schools and lower societal expectations.

Guest callers include Katie Waissel, Adam Woodward, James Bickerstaff, Gulcin Sesli and many more! 


1) The psychology of attendance with Dr Naomi Fisher: the Late Show with Nathan Gynn

The Psychology of Attendance with Dr Naomi Fisher

Nathan Gynn is joined by clinical psychologist and author Dr Naomi Fisher for an extensive discussion about attendance in schools. They discuss the psychology of attendance, including:

  • Does attendance matter?

  • What are the barriers to attendance? 

  • Have young people changed?

  • How do young people feel about school?

  • Fines for non-attendance?

  • What powers to individual teachers have?

  • What should schools do more or less of to improve attendance?


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