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Teachers Talk Radio Wrapped - Top 10 Shows of 2022

Updated: Jan 14

As the year comes to a close, we thought it would be nice to look back at the top 10 TTR shows of 2022. 400,000 TTR shows have been downloaded in this period and here is a look back at the most downloaded for each month of the last year! Thanks to John Catt for supporting these shows and everything we do at TTR.

January 2022

This one seems quite apt, it's Toby PC and Ed Finch with their show 'New Year, New me'. Ed and Toby discussed their personal holiday decompressions, Christmases and the peculiarity of Twitter discourse.. The three most focused on New Year's resolutions and question of the week considered whether changing your life in the darkest and coldest month of the year is a good idea - or not!

February 2022

Hall of Fame TTR host Kate Jones got the top number of show downloads in February with this show examining effective EdTech inside and outside the classroom.

March 2022

On 3rd March, Lianne Lax hosted the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Team for a one of special show to talk all things phonics. Rachel Davis MBE and Mark Siswick MBE gave us a thorough run down of the what the Little Wandle programme provides and how it works. Describing it as a reading programme, they concluded by saying that you know the programme has worked when a child knows they can read.

April 2022

The most downloaded show in April was the debut show from TTR Host Eugene Mcfadden who hosted a show about autism and teaching - 3 autistic teachers chaotically talking about being autistic and teaching.

May 2022

In May, TTR stalwart Nathan Gynn did this show about the Cost of the School Day and it raked in the highest number of downloads for the month. He talked with Georgina Burt and Ellie Harwood from the Child Poverty Action Group about the Cost of the School Day Project and practical steps schools can take to make education more inclusive and equitable for children from low income families.

June 2022

The summer arrived in style with this show from Caroline Keep on 'Being Authentic' which chimed with our listeners who have so far downloaded it 571 times.

July 2022

You would think July would be a quiet month for teachers listening to teacher podcasts but not so on TTR! This show featuring Tom Rogers interviewing edu-legend Dylan Wiliam clocked 773 downloads with thousands more listening to the live version.

August 2022

Graham Stanley had a busy summer on TTR and this show achieved the highest downloads of any during August. Sophia Mavridi joined him to talk about digital pedagogy & teacher education and the recent research report on language teacher experiences during Covid-19. After the chat, he was joined by Phil Longwell and they talked about mental and physical health and well-being of both learners and students, and Kate Bush!

September 2022

Maud's 15th show on TTR was an in depth look at 'The politics of education' and it certainly appealed to TTR listeners, clocking up over 400 downloads.

October 2022

October saw TLAC founder and serial author Doug Lemov appear on a hybrid live and podcast, the live version of the show being the most listened to ever with over 3000 people listening via twitter spaces.

November 2022

Eugene Mcfadden appears for the 2nd time in the top downloaded shows for 2022 with this show featuring Pete Wharmby where they discussed 'Autistic Masking' in detail.

December 2022

The month hasn't quite ended but this show will take some catching! Brent Poland and Adam Spence discuss 'How Far Does Your Choice of School Impact On Your Life Chances?'. In this show, Brent and Adam react to the public debate about Private Schools and it proved a hit with TTR listeners.

So that's it!

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, thanks for following TTR - whether it be on podcast platforms, on social media or as a newsletter subscriber. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and will see you again in 2023 where we promise more of the same from the TTR team!

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