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Parental and Student accountability in education - change needed?

Updated: Jan 14

On the Late Show last night (Monday 20th February 2023), Tom Rogers discussed the issue of parental and student accountability in education - is change needed? Are teachers and schools being blamed for far too much? Our teacher panellists had their say - Paul Matthews; Australian high school teacher, Catherine Williams; Assistant Headteacher in the UK and Daisy Turner; Head of Dept in the UAE. 500 listeners have already listened to this one within the 24 hours since broadcast:

Ryan Green is an ethical entreprenuer who came on to talk about the work of Edurpise in supporting schools in engaging with parents in a positive way.

The discussion was passionate and reflected the views and feelings of many teachers in classrooms in the UK and beyond....

Thanks for reading and listening, if you want to have your say on this show, find us on social media @ttradioofficial and share your thoughts!

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