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New schedule, new era!

The Teachers Talk Radio weekly schedule is changing and here it is!

You can now listen to TTR continuously on weekdays with no interruptions from 6pm-10pm. All your favourite hosts are still there with some timings changing. We are incorporating twitter spaces into our regular diet of shows. We love the interactivity that a twitter space can bring, our hosts would love for you to call in during any show to chat with them! You can listen to any show 'live' by clicking 'listen live' on our homepage. To listen to a twitter space, simply visit @ttradio2022 on twitter at the scheduled time. Of course, if you miss any show you can listen back on all good podcast platforms including Podbean, Spotify and Apple podcasts.

As you can see, we have a few open slots, this is where you could come in! If you want to fill one of those slots with your face, then get in touch with us so we can set you up within our vibrant hosts community.

Thanks for listening and chat with you soon!

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