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1. Best thing about teaching? 

The part where I get to see my learners progress from clueless to experts. 

2. Best city you've ever visited/lived in? 

Stockholm, Sweden (Dream city, not visited yet)

3. A song you listen to when happy/sad? 

Simple and Sweet Jon Bellion 

4. Biggest education inspiration? 

My mom, Nurse Folakemi Iseyemi

5. Describe your TTR shows in one word


6. Favourite TTR guest (on one of your shows)

Yejide Egbedire 

7. Favourite TTR episode (of yours) so far and why? 

The Teacher's Playlist. It talked about the nobility and sanity in finding a balance between work and self. 

8. Your teaching philosophy?

Constructivism. There's no learner without a brain, so allow them use it to create new knowledge.

9. Best bit of advice you ever got?

The only limitations are the ones you want to see.

10. Dream guest on your TTR show?

Honourable Commissioner of Education, Lagos State, Nigeria. 


- Bisayo Iseyemi

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